The strength of “Fidelity” as a company is the excellent working experience in the polygraphic field and in depth professional knowledge of its employees.
The company’s strategy is based on the in-depth analysis and the knowledge of the trends in the market.

The reputation of its professionals, whose actions always kept their promises, build and enhance the relationship with business partners.

A good understanding is formed after years of working experience in the market about the reliable suppliers– the world leaders in Europe, Asia and America such as UPM, M-real, Koehler, Avery Dennison, StoraEnso, Mondi, APP, Bonset and others.

Primarily our focus is to understand the need of our clients and to work closely with them. We have close and trust-based relationships with our business clients and partners. We can say with pride that these relations are getting stronger day by day.

The “Fidelity” company is the participant of foreign economic activities that complies with the new requirements of the contemporary stage of the development of the Russian market.

The company selects the effective way of delivery goods from the suppliers depending on the location of the factory.  Company use Sea, car and railways to deliver the paper. It makes it enable to give a timely delivery to its esteemed clients.

Due to having a convenient warehouse location within the Moscow city line, we can respond to our clients’ requests in a speedy manner by delivering goods at the same day of placing an order.

We would like to say several words about the name of the company. Its translation from English means:

  • truthfulness, faithfulness, loyalty, devotion
  • accuracy, correctness

All mentioned above are our business principles which we always follow while dealing with our partners.