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20.11.2012 Company "Fidelity" expanded range of design materials.

The range of design materials company "Fidelity" extended two known collections manufactured Arjo Wiggins : KEAYKOLOUR and CURIOUS METALLICS .

Company "Fideliti" offers you the highest quality colored cardboard KEAYKOLOUR - tinted chistotsellyulozny cardboard with special surface texture reminiscent of fine-fibrous coat designed specifically for designers and creative solutions, ideal for elite packaging and manufacturing presentation products. This is a great collection of natural colors and textured, unparalleled combination of soft colors and tactile sensations, a wide range of textures and densities.

Collection Curious , (ECF paper, coated paper, pretending to be "metallic" (Metal) and "Pearl» (Iridescent) effect is a one of favorite paper designers, ideal for those who want to play on contrast, an unforgettable effect in advertising representation business printing. Thoroughly updated collection Curious Metallics is a wide range of fashion shimmering colors, the development of which was attended by experts of the fashion world.

And also on sale very thin white design business class ECF-paper Supervayt (SuperWhite Bond Paper EMB) produced by Koehler.